Property development projects

LEDA Properties are usually working on a few strategic development sites at any one time. We know our clients may need larger premises and we always want to offer new property to potential clients. Talk to our team today, we are based in Abingdon and serve other locations including: Stroud, Cirencester, Oxfordshire and York

Developing strategic land

Strategic land and housing development sites are usually for residential use but can be mixed with commercial properties as well.
Leda Properties are currently working on a number of strategic land projects. Please call us to discuss potential sales.

Where do we develop?

We are based in Abingdon and mainly develop in the following areas: • Oxfordshire • Gloucestershire • Wiltshire

But we are not limited to these if the right opportunity presents itself

Do you require a development site with planning permission

We would love to hear from you! We are always looking for viable locations to expand our portfolio, so whether it’s for just for commercial or for a combination of residential and commercial, talk to our property development experts today.

Get in touch with LEDA Properties to find out more about our projects.

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